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    Using a concrete pump is the quickest way to delivery our high grade concrete. It’s a faster process than using a traditional methods.

    Hard To Access Areas

    Our pumps can ensure we can delivery concrete anywhere. Our pumps allow us to pump concrete over any obstacle.

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    We provide free 24/7 delivery across Kent, London, Essex, Surrey and East Sussex. We can also offer sameday deliveries.

    Ready mix concrete is a construction material mixed with cement and aggregates used in various building projects such as foundations, floor slabs, and walls. The significance of the application indicates that to have well-developed foundations, floor slabs and walls, you need to hire the best Commercial Concrete Supplier in your town. A Commercial Concrete Supplier Company that can offer you high-quality products, competitive services and pocket-friendly rates and Solid Mix Concrete is the best Company that offers you all three with added benefits in the construction market.

    The Use of Concrete by Solid Mix Concrete

    As a quality commercial concrete supplier company, our material has multiple uses throughout the UK. For all construction purposes, our concrete is the best choice for

    • The Construction of Underpinning
    • The Preparation of Piling
    • For Solid Foundations
    • Long Living Roadworks
    • Concrete for Kerbing
    • Agricultural Purposes
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    Characteristics of our Concrete

    Before dispatching the concrete, we check the quality of the concrete. The top-notch quality of our product is defined by the following characteristics of the concrete we are supplying.

    • Accurate Mechanical Strength
    • Long Durability
    • Resistant to Physicochemical Attacks from the Environment
    • High-density Concrete for Better Performance
    • Fire Resistant Concrete
    • It Has the Thermal and Acoustic Properties
    • It Impacts Resistance

    Uncountable Benefits of Using Concrete

    Concrete in itself is beneficial when it comes to construction. However, you need a quality commercial concrete supplier for your work to avail all the best possible benefits. The advantages of using concrete are as follows,

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    It is Economical

    Compared to other construction materials, concrete is the most inexpensive one. The raw materials with which the concrete is made are readily available in the market and do not cost much. Buying from Solid Mix will further be feasible as we offer competitive rates.

    Hardens At Ambient Temperature

    Concrete is a low-temperature bonded inorganic material which requires the ambient temperature to harden. This means you do not have to spend or wait to set up your mixture.

    Easily Cast into Shape

    While preparing concrete, it is liquid, making it easy to cast or mould into desired shape and size. The team of Solid Mix Concrete specializes in making complex configurations and knows how to make them perfectly.

    Concrete Produces Quick Results

    One of the top benefits is the production of quick results. With timely deliverance by Solid Mix Concrete, the concrete mix settles down quickly and produces immediate results. Thus, the construction can be completed within no time. This is particularly required in the construction of foundations and roads.

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    Few to Zero Maintenance Required

    The benefit of using concrete is that it does not require coating or painting to protect against water, moisture, air or chemicals, making the use economical and feasible.

    Why Solid Mix Concrete is the Best Decision, You Will Make?

    Over the years of excellent services, our Commercial Concrete Supplying Services have been improved and ranked as the best in the construction business. Being a customer-oriented company, many factors justify our claim to be your best decision. Some of them are enlisted here,

    We Are Licensed

    A licensed Commercial Concrete Supplier is the proof of an approved, reliable and trustable company. We, as a licensed company, prioritize your satisfaction and provide you with all the documents to develop trust and make you our recurring customer later.

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    On-Time Delivery 

    Solid Mix Concrete is very particular about on-time delivery of Commercial Concrete Supplying Services. We deliver the specified volumetric concrete amount without delays because we understand how slight negligence can be detrimental to your construction project.

    We Are Knowledgeable about Regulations and Codes

    Commercial Concrete Supplying Services by Solid Mix Concrete are according to the regulations and codes of the area of deliverance. Contracting with us will be convenient in terms of lawful construction, which is significant in the hustle-free completion of a construction project.

    We Help You in Cutting Down Your Construction Cost

    Our experience and capable engineers have exceptional calculations of the amount of cement your construction would require.

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    Your Feedback Matters to us

    After rendering our services, we make sure to take feedback. This attribute has helped us develop perfection in our services. For a complete review, we take follow-ups from our clients and check the health of concrete to see if it has created cracks or needs maintenance. If it requires refreshing, we address it immediately and dispatch our team to restore its original shape.

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