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    Concrete Pumping – Kent, London, Essex, Surrey & East Sussex

    Quick & Efficient

    Using a concrete pump is the quickest way to delivery our high grade concrete. It’s a faster process than using a traditional methods.

    Hard To Access Areas

    Our pumps can ensure we can delivery concrete anywhere. Our pumps allow us to pump concrete over any obstacle.

    Cleaner System

    We provide free 24/7 delivery across Kent, London, Essex, Surrey and East Sussex. We can also offer sameday deliveries.

    What are Concrete Pumps?

    Concrete pumps are machines that pump freshly mixed concrete on a construction site. It is rapidly becoming a popular method of pouring liquid as it has increased the efficiency of construction projects, especially for high-rise buildings.

    How Does a Concrete Pump Work?

    • It works by using a valve and hydraulic system.
    • The concrete pump sucks liquid concrete using a valve system and delivers it to the area where it needs to be poured after a mixing truck pours liquid concrete into a hopper.

    Therefore, instead of using a wheelbarrow, hire our concrete pumping service Basildon and get your concrete placed quickly and precisely where you want.

    Reliable Pumping Concrete Across Basildon

    • Solid Mix Concrete specialises in quality concrete pumping Basildon, no matter how difficult the site access is.
    • Our highly trained concrete pumping contractors in Basildon understand the significance of reaching ideal concrete consistency before having it poured.
    • They know how to make multiple batches of concrete without compromising quality.
    • Badly poured concrete can cause problems, but our team ensures that the pour goes smoothly regardless of site conditions.
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    Variety of Pumps to Pour Fresh Concrete on Your Site

    We have a variety of advanced mixing trucks to surmount any potential obstacle.  Regardless of the state of the construction site, our team will provide you with a quality concrete pumping supply in Basildon.

    Types of concrete pumps include:

    Boom Pump:

    • A boom pump uses a hydraulic arm, quickly navigating any barrier and pumping concrete exactly where it needs to be poured.
    • It is usually attached to a truck and is suitable for large-scale construction projects as it churns out concrete quickly.

    Line Pumps:

    • These pumps are also known as trailer-mounted or truck-mounted concrete pumps.
    • Concrete is pumped through a steel or rubber hose, and the pipe is directed towards the location.
    • The line pumps are attached to the back of the truck and are usually used for smaller construction projects.
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    Applications That Require Concrete Pumps

    Concrete pump hire Basildon facilitates efficient distribution of concrete to a wide range of construction applications. Some of the applications include the following:

     Slab-Building Foundation

    Buildings without basements have flat slabs of concrete as their foundation. It is important to have a solid foundation; this is where concrete pumping Basildon comes in handy, leaving the concrete where it should be without any imperfections.

    High-Rise Buildings

    When constructing high-rise buildings, pouring concrete is much more complicated.  But Solid Mix Concrete, a reputable concrete pumping company in Basildon, uses boom pumps, leaving no stone unturned to complete the job efficiently and within time.

    Highway Tunnels and Overpasses

    To withstand the daily tonnage of traffic, tunnels and overpasses must be constructed durably. If you wish to avail our concrete pump hire Basildon services, we ensure that the concrete is pumped efficiently and effectively.

    Patios and Garden Foundations

    Concrete pumps are perfect for backyard patios and garden shed foundations. Boom pumps can easily reach the backyard from the street and quickly pour the concrete.

    Parking Structures

    As parking structures contain several levels, concrete pumps easily allow the construction of parking structures without you having to spend more on labour costs.

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    How Concrete Pumps Come in Handy

    • It is a quick and easier way to complete your construction project.
    • Concrete pumps lower labour costs.
    • With concrete pumps, there will be less site congestion.
    • Concrete pumping is finished even before the concrete begins to set; as a result, the strength of concrete is improved.
    • Pipes can be easily located wherever you want.
    • It is an effective and economical method as numerous pumps can pump concrete simultaneously.
    • Concrete pump hire services in Basildon are suitable for commercial and residential construction projects.

    Solid Mix Concrete: Catering to All Your Needs

    • Our concrete pumping Basildon services can pump concrete whenever you want it at your desired location.
    • We have the right equipment and trucks to meet your needs and requirements.
    • Our team is fully trained and qualified to operate concrete pumps at any construction site.
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