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    Concrete Pumping – Kent, London, Essex, Surrey & East Sussex

    Quick & Efficient

    Using a concrete pump is the quickest way to delivery our high grade concrete. It’s a faster process than using a traditional methods.

    Hard To Access Areas

    Our pumps can ensure we can delivery concrete anywhere. Our pumps allow us to pump concrete over any obstacle.

    Cleaner System

    We provide free 24/7 delivery across Kent, London, Essex, Surrey and East Sussex. We can also offer sameday deliveries.

    A concrete pump, in general, is a time-saving machine that pumps wet concrete mix at exceptionally narrow spaces where concrete mixer trucks cannot reach.

    For any construction project, it is essential to ensure that you stay within your budget while hiring services of concrete pumping in Croydon, which save you time and effort. Our team at Solid Mix Concrete will help you no matter the obstacle.

    Experienced Team to Meet Your Needs

    Solid Mix Concrete has a group of experienced workers that pump concrete using high-quality equipment, ensuring you get reliable and exceptional services. Our team discusses the project and your needs to make sure they deliver accordingly.

    Whether you are carrying out a loft conversion, a home extension or a large construction project, we will get the job done regardless of the size of the project. All you have to do is opt for the concrete pump hire in Croydon.

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    Two Common Types of Concrete Pumps

    When hiring a concrete pumping service in Croydon for your next project, we use two types of concrete pumps depending on the project size because one may be more suitable for a project than the other.

    As concrete pumping Croydon experts, we know which type of pump will be suitable; therefore, we have simplified these types here along with the category of project they are most suitable for:

    • Ground-Line Pumps: These hydraulic pumps can pump concrete mix through a set of steel pipes and hoses to transport the liquid concrete to the desired location. Furthermore, these pumps are smaller in size; hence are used for small construction projects.
    • Boom Pumps: Conversely, boom pumps stay at a particular position as they have a larger dimension. The mixer has a boom or crane attached, allowing the concrete to be pumped to different heights of a building. For example, if you wish for a concrete pump hire in Croydon to construct a high-rise building, a boom pump would be helpful.
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    Benefits of Concrete Pumps

    Concrete pumps can reach multiple floors or high walls. If you need a concrete pumping supply in Croydon, look no further than Solid Mix Concrete. Here are several benefits of using concrete pumping:

    Pumps Faster with Less Labour Cost

    A concrete pump pumps concrete much faster than any labour method, such as wheelbarrows or buggies. As the concrete is placed through hoes and pipes, it takes less time and labour, taking a minimum of an hour from start to the finish.

    Additionally, both pumps have flexible extensions, pumping the concrete precisely where it needs to be.

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    Pumped Concrete is Stronger

    The additional water used to pour concrete through a chute may weaken the material, causing shrinkage and cracks. This typically indicates that the result won’t hold up much pressure.

    On the other hand, pumped concrete does not require as much water as chute-poured concrete; as a result, your project will last longer and require less maintenance and repair in the future.

    Your Construction Site Will Be Safer

    You can keep trucks and other large machines away from potentially harmful barriers by using concrete pumps to cover a large area. Simply pull up to where you need the concrete to go, stretch the hose, and start pouring.

    Additionally, fewer workers are needed to run concrete pumps, meaning less traffic will be created on the working site, increasing efficiency and safety.

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    Use Concrete Pumps Anywhere

    Concrete pumps can readily fit into any area, whether on the ground or in the air. Boom pumps, which may extend to structures like homes and gardens, are excellent for hard-to-reach regions.

    Get Your Projects Moving

    Concrete Pumping Contractors in Croydon provide concrete pumps that can be easily used in severe, rough, and extreme weather conditions. Moreover, because of a pump’s dependability and steady flow, there will be fewer construction holdups. As a result, you can focus on other parts of the project.

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    Hire the Best Concrete Pumping Company in Croydon

    • We provide high-pressure pumping through our quality equipment, which our skilled workers may put up at your location.
    • Only premium products that are blended on-site are used.
    • Concrete pump hire in Croydon facilitates efficient distribution of concrete everywhere, thanks to our pumps.
    • We can pump concrete over any obstruction.
    • We offer concrete pump hire services in Croydon with free 24/7 delivery across Kent, London, Essex, Surrey, and East Sussex; we also offer same-day deliveries.