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    Concrete Pumping – Kent, London, Essex, Surrey & East Sussex

    Quick & Efficient

    Using a concrete pump is the quickest way to delivery our high grade concrete. It’s a faster process than using a traditional methods.

    Hard To Access Areas

    Our pumps can ensure we can delivery concrete anywhere. Our pumps allow us to pump concrete over any obstacle.

    Cleaner System

    We provide free 24/7 delivery across Kent, London, Essex, Surrey and East Sussex. We can also offer sameday deliveries.

    Concrete pumping is a process of delivering freshly mixed concrete to another place. The reason behind this is the restricted access to certain areas. For example, if construction is going on in the backyard of your house, it won’t be possible to keep concrete outside your garden and shove it into your backyard. That’s why many companies offer their concrete pump hire services in Essex. Concrete pumping is an easy way to increase your efficiency in construction projects because this decreases the mess created on the construction site with the concrete being delivered to the desired location.

    Having years of experience in concrete pump hire Essex, we can efficiently pump concrete to any location smoothly and safely. We value your time and money; therefore, we try to pump concrete quickly and safely. Let’s work together if you are also looking for such a service provider!

    We Deliver High-Quality Concrete

    You get what you pay for! As a concrete pumping company in Essex, we believe in providing value to our customer’s hard-earned money. We always prepare a quality mixture of concrete for our customers, which is why our concrete pumping is one of the most affordable, cost-efficient, and highly effective in Essex.

    There is this misconception that concrete becomes weak when pumped to another location. However, concrete becomes even more vital if prepared with the right mixture and mixed properly. Considering this, our specialists use a top-quality combination to pump robust and high-quality concrete.

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    Steps of Our Concrete Pumping Essex Process

    To give you a better idea about our concrete pumping supply in Essex, here are the steps of our pumping process:

    Safe Parking of the Vehicle

    Parking concrete-carrying vehicles outside the location is a genuine hurdle for concrete pumping services. Here at Solid Mix Concrete, we inspect the site when a project is assigned to us. And on the day of supply, we park our vehicles close to our pumping location.

    Mixing of Concrete

    Once the lorry-carrying concrete is parked, it constantly spins to prevent concrete from being set. Until it is transported, it keeps spinning so that concrete remains fluid.

    Pouring of Concrete

    Once the pump system is set, the fluid is poured directly into the pump. The pump will transfer the concrete to the location using its hydraulic systems. One worker will guard the pipes while the other will stay close to the pump.

    Reaching the End of the Pipes

    At the other end of the pipe is the final destination of concrete. Our workers will ensure that concrete reaches the other side of the lines and is poured wherever you want.

    Clean Up

    After the job is done, our workers clean the pump and pipes. This is done after every project to ensure the best delivery of service from our equipment.

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    Why Choose Us for Concrete Pumping Service in Essex?

    Concrete is something that takes time and resources to be delivered at a location. If you are thinking about pumping concrete on your own, you better not. The reason is simple; you don’t have practical exposure, skillset, and even tools to do the job correctly. It would be wise to go for a concrete pump hire in Essex, like us, for the job. Here are some of the key features why you should consider us for pumping concrete to your project:

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    Quick and Efficient Service

    Experience and skillset give a person a competitive advantage over a newbie or unskilled individual. The same is the case in concrete pumping. Solid Mix Concrete has been in the market for the last couple of years. We have the knowledge, expertise, and even tools to carry out this complex task of concrete pumping quickly and efficiently. You may do the job but not as efficiently and quickly as our professionals will do. Let us save your time and effort, and get your job done at an affordable cost.


    One of the major complications in concrete pumping is the inaccessibility of location. If you are also working in such a location, hire one of the concrete pumping contractors in Essex to pump concrete to your site.

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    If you have a project which needs multiple pours, it may not be possible with a standard setup. However, with work efficiency and a network like ours, we can easily carry out various pours at a location. Contact us to make your multiple pouring possible!

    Less Workforce Required

    Since we control complete concrete pumping at your location, you won’t need many workers. This will help you to cut your labour cost by freeing some workers.

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    Contact Us to Acquire Our Concrete Pump Hire Services in Essex

    Many companies can deliver concrete to you, but no one will offer you the concrete of your demand with this much detail, attention, and care. Our service is centred on the satisfaction of our clients. Our professionals have years of experience in quality concrete pumping services across the country.