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Concrete is one of the most important ingredients; its durability and versatility make it crucial for any construction project. Construction companies or industries use two types of concrete: onsite-mixed concrete and ready-mix concrete, and selecting the right one for your project is extremely important.

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    Ready Mix Concrete – Kent, London, Essex, Surrey & Essex

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    We are a local family run business and reputation is paramount to us. We put every effort into ensuring our service is the best.

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    We only supply high grade concrete ensuring the best possible ready mixed concrete for our clients.

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    We provide free 24/7 delivery across Kent, London, Essex, Surrey and East Sussex. We can also offer sameday deliveries.

    Ready-mix vs Site-mixed Concrete

    Ready mix concrete is delivered to the construction site, ready to use. Depending on the project’s requirement, our manufacturers mix the ingredients and deliver them to your site. Furthermore, it has a higher volume as it usually is used for larger projects.

    On the other hand, site-mixed concrete is mixed at the construction site and usually is an ideal option for smaller projects or renovations.

    For any new construction project, whether it is a high-rise building, a shed base or a foundation for your new home, you will need the right amount of concrete, and our concrete supplier Bromley will be there to help you no matter the kind of job.

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    Mixed Exactly How You Want It

    Availing the ready-mix concrete services in Bromley has several benefits compared to their local conventional alternatives. During our mixing process, we ensure it contains all the necessary components in right quantity, is mixed properly, and is entirely free from error.

    Benefits of Using Ready-Mix Concrete

    The most significant benefits of using our ready-mixed concrete in Bromley include:

    Easy to Produce and Use

    If we talk about onsite-mix concrete, it can be a hefty and hectic task; one may have to store and manage all the supplies, such as sand, gravel, and cement or sand, and need clean water to prepare the mixture. Conversely, our concrete supplier in Bromley produces the best ready-mix concrete to save you from all the time-consuming and messy procedures and speed up the construction process.

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    Our suppliers can quickly gather the necessary materials to come up with fresh concrete and transport it to your desired location.

    Quality and Flexibility

    With the manually mixed concrete comes a higher risk of inconsistency and lack of flexibility. But things have changed now, and we at Solid Mix Concrete produce ready-mix concrete in Bromley with the latest equipment and precisely measured raw materials. On top of that, we prepare according to your requirements, making it a quality product.

    Structural Durability

    We make your ready-mix concrete under controlled conditions using high-quality products; therefore, it is as durable as it should be and provides exceptional structural strength.

    Not only that, our concrete is tested to endure severe weather conditions.

    It is, therefore, suitable for all massive structures like tunnels and bridges, along with other residential and commercial projects.

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    Where is Ready-Mix Concrete Used?

    • Foundations
    • Sidewalks
    • Bridge Supports
    • Retaining Walls
    • Tunnels
    • Elevated Roads
    • Airports

    Things to Consider Before Choosing Ready-mix Concrete

    • Purpose: Before choosing ready-mix concrete, tell your concrete supplier in Bromley what you want to build with the concrete. If you tell the supplier beforehand, they can provide a combination that delivers the finest results. However, changes can also be made to the mix if necessary.
    • Quantity: You should also know how much concrete you need for the project. Ordering too little will result in delays while ordering too much will result in wastage of material and additional costs.
    • Ingredient Source: Ready-mix concrete in Bromley is made up of various ingredients. Hence, the final product is determined by the quality of each component.
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    24/7 Sameday Delivery

    We are able to deliver ready mix concrete and screed sameday 24/7. Why not contact us for a free quotation today.

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    Leading Suppliers of Concrete

    Solid Concrete Mix is a reliable concrete supply company in Bromley. We have worked with several commercial and residential customers, delivering premium quality concrete mix.

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    • You just have to pay for the concrete you use.
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    • Throughout the South of England, we collaborate with various builders, construction firms, domestic clients, and other parties.
    • We can provide ready-mix concrete in Bromley on the same day, seven days a week.