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    Ready Mix Concrete – Kent, London, Essex, Surrey & Essex

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    We are a local family run business and reputation is paramount to us. We put every effort into ensuring our service is the best.

    High Grade Concrete

    We only supply high grade concrete ensuring the best possible ready mixed concrete for our clients.

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    We provide free 24/7 delivery across Kent, London, Essex, Surrey and East Sussex. We can also offer sameday deliveries.

    Concrete is one of the most popular building materials used widely: It is used in all commercial, industrial and residential projects because of its durability and strength. Based on the project’s requirements, our engineers use two types of concrete:

    • Ready-mix concrete
    • Site-mixed concrete

    Ready-Mix vs Site-Mixed Concrete

    Solid Mix Concrete are the best concrete suppliers in East London, supplying both types of concrete as per client’s needs and specifications.

    Ready-Mix Concrete

    • It is mixed in greater volume in a plant.
    • When mixed properly, it is delivered unhardened to your construction site, ready to pour.
    • This makes the process less time-consuming.
    • Ready mix concrete East London is suitable for constructing high-rise buildings.
    • No matter how big the project is, ready-mix concrete can be easily delivered in large volumes.

    Site-Mixed Concrete


    • Site-mixed concrete is mixed onsite, requiring a weigh batch mixer.
    • it is appropriate for smaller projects because a large volume of concrete cannot be mixed onsite.
    • It is mixed onsite to avoid contamination.
    • It is a slower process, as more man-hours are required to complete the process, which includes different formulas and setting time.
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    We Provide Different Types of Ready-Mix Concrete

    Ready mix concrete East London is available in three types:

    1. Shrink Mixed Concrete
    2. Transit Mixed Concrete
    3. Central Mixed Concrete

    Shrink Mixed Concrete

    Shrink-mixed concrete is a type of ready-mix concrete mixed partially at the plant, and the remaining in the drum during transit time. The amount of time required for mixing during a transit depends upon how much it was mixed during pre-transit.

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    Transit Mixed Concrete

    It is also known as dry batch concrete. In this type of ready-mix concrete, all the essential dry elements and water are added to the mixer while it rotates at charging speed. However, when all the components are added, the mixer drum is set to rotate slowly.

    Central Mixed Concrete

    It is also called central batching plant concrete. This type of concrete is thoroughly mixed at the plant and then loaded into the truck.

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    Application of Ready-Mix Concrete

    Ready mix concrete East London is used on a construction site where there is no room for concrete to be mixed on-site, and it is needed in larger volumes.

    Solid Mix Concrete is among the leading ready-mix concrete suppliers in East London. When you purchase ready-mix concrete from us, we will deliver it according to your specific requirements and need.

    Our ready-mix concrete East London is highly versatile and can be used at several construction sites. For example, it is used:

    • In wall foundations and piles creation.
    • To support walls.
    • For structures like girders, columns and tiles.

    Other uses may include, but are not limited to:

    • Sidewalks and footpaths
    • Floors, bridges and bridge supports
    • Retaining walls
    • Tunnels and airports
    • Elevated roads and their developments
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    Ready-Mix Concrete East London

    Benefits of Ready-Mix Concrete

    As a reliable concrete supply company in East London, our ready-mix concrete has numerous benefits.

    Easily Prepared and Used

    Preparing and mixing concrete onsite is taxing, as you have to store and organise all the materials, including cement, sand and gravel. Therefore, we are at your service providing ready-mix concrete to save you from all the hassle. We use modern technology and equipment to provide consistent and fresh ready-mix concrete, transporting it quickly to your desired location.

    Flexibility and Quality 

    Initially, concrete and building materials were both measured and mixed by hand, which caused inconsistency. We carefully measure the components at Solid Mix Concrete and produce concrete using advanced equipment.

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    No Wastage of Resources

    This is one of the main advantages of ready-mix concrete as it saves energy and time. Moreover, the construction speed is also increased as the concrete is pumped up to 30-45 cubic metres per hour. The usage of ready-mix concrete also reduces cement consumption immensely.

    Conveniently Transported

    As ready-mix concrete is mixed at the plant and in larger volumes, the transit time is relatively faster than other traditional mixing methods.  Therefore, no matter where your construction site is and how big the project is, our team is an excellent concrete supplier in East London; they will deliver the concrete within the given time frame.

    Structural Durability

    Ready-mix concrete has high strength and durability, making it ideal for both residential and commercial projects.

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    24/7 Sameday Delivery

    We are able to deliver ready mix concrete and screed sameday 24/7. Why not contact us for a free quotation today.

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    Why Choose Solid Mix Concrete?/strong>

    • Solid Mix Concrete can cater to all your concrete needs, whether commercial, industrial or residential.
    • We are a dedicated ready-mix concrete company in East London, producing concrete with the highest level of specialised control.

    We can arrange and mix concrete according to our customers’ needs and requirements.