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    Concrete Pumping – Kent, London, Essex, Surrey & East Sussex

    Quick & Efficient

    Using a concrete pump is the quickest way to delivery our high grade concrete. It’s a faster process than using a traditional methods.

    Hard To Access Areas

    Our pumps can ensure we can delivery concrete anywhere. Our pumps allow us to pump concrete over any obstacle.

    Cleaner System

    We provide free 24/7 delivery across Kent, London, Essex, Surrey and East Sussex. We can also offer sameday deliveries.

    In construction projects, using the right type of materials to make concrete matters a lot. Mixing the concrete by yourself will not be suitable and efficient. Rather, acquiring the services of a concrete supplier in Maidstone will ensure a quality mixture of concrete delivered to your location.

    Being in the industry for years, Solid Mix Concrete can proudly claim to be one of the country’s best services. For years, we have helped our customers cut their concrete costs to a significant level.

    Our Ready-Mix Concrete Services in Maidstone

    Being an efficient concrete supplier in Maidstone, we supply premium grade ready mix concrete to your location. We offer quick concrete delivery services to ensure on-time delivery of your freshly mixed concrete.

    Commercial Concrete

    For large concrete batches, hand mixing is exceptionally time taking. Therefore, acquiring concrete supplier services in Maidstone can save you time and effort. We deliver freshly mixed high-quality concrete to your site exactly when you need it, and we have the technical capacity to provide any load size in a single delivery. So, no matter how big your construction project is, Solid Mix Concrete can meet your demand without compromising on the quality of concrete.

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    Domestic Concrete

    If you are working on a domestic project, hiring a concrete supply company in Maidstone to deliver concrete instead of preparing on your own is better. Ready mix concrete is generally cheaper and easier than mixing concrete by yourself. Our domestic concrete works well for patios, garden walls, concrete pathways, flooring and other domestic extensions.

    Benefits of Using Ready Mix Concrete in Maidstone for Construction

    Ready mix concrete is a customised product prepared according to the needs and specifications of the customer. This is prepared in batches and is mixed properly to deliver an optimal mixture that will help in the smooth completion of their projects. Below are some of the benefits of using our ready-mix concrete services:

    Quality Products

    Back in the day, there was no precise equipment to measure the amount of mixing concrete, which would result in highly unstable and inefficient concrete produced at times.

    But the time has changed. Now ready mix concrete is prepared in a controlled environment using high-tech equipment, which increases concrete’s flexibility. Since it is prepared as per the requirements, it always comes out to be a good quality mixture. Irrespective of your construction project size, our ready mix concrete services in Maidstone are all you need.

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    Fast Construction

    Acquiring a ready mix concrete company in Maidstone will help you fast-track your construction project. Preparing concrete by yourself is a time-taking and lengthy process, often slowing down your construction speed. However, buying ready mix concrete will save you from the trouble of mixing concrete on your own. Less waste of time will lead to work efficiency, helping you to complete your construction on time.

    Minimum Waste

    One of the most prominent benefits of using ready mix concrete is reduced wastage of raw materials. Calculated amounts of material are used to prepare concrete, resulting in minimum wastage of resources. Proper handling and mixing of concrete can reduce up to 10-12% of cement consumption in a project; reduced waste will directly decrease your cost of construction.

    Customised Mixing of Concrete

    Ready-mix concrete can be customised according to the needs and requirements of a project. You can easily customise your concrete mix depending on the quantity you require. Our ready mix concrete Maidstone service centres on delivering quality and customisable concrete to our clients.

    Easy to Transport

    The ready mix concrete is prepared to ensure high-quality material availability anywhere you need. We have a network of lorries at Solid Mix Concrete to deliver freshly mixed concrete across Maidstone. Even for construction sites in densely populated areas, our experts ensure on-time delivery of quality concrete.

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    Reasonable Prices

    Buying all the components of concrete separately and then mixing them to make concrete is a time-consuming and costly process. You can cut this cost to a reasonable percentage by buying ready mix concrete from us. Since we buy these materials in bulk, we can offer you ready-mix concrete at a reasonably low rate.

    Acquire the Services of the Best Concrete Supplier in Maidstone

    Considering the resources needed to prepare concrete on your own, buying ready mix concrete in Maidstone seems to be the perfect deal. Here at Solid Mix Concrete:

    • We deliver for what you pay us
    • We dispatch the exact amount of concrete you require
    • Depending on the construction site, the exact material is mixed to offer the required strength
    • Professional and friendly staff for mixing concrete
    • Eco-friendly and smooth delivery of ready-mix concrete at your location