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    Ready Mix Concrete – Kent, London, Essex, Surrey & Essex

    Family Run Business

    We are a local family run business and reputation is paramount to us. We put every effort into ensuring our service is the best.

    High Grade Concrete

    We only supply high grade concrete ensuring the best possible ready mixed concrete for our clients.

    24/7 Service

    We provide free 24/7 delivery across Kent, London, Essex, Surrey and East Sussex. We can also offer sameday deliveries.

    Concrete Supply Company in Surrey: Affordable and Reliable

    We supply ready mix concrete in Surrey, for all commercial and domestic clients. We ensure we keep our prices among the lowest and our service second to none, which is why we make it to the top as a leading concrete supplier in Surrey. Offering the same-day delivery service around the clock, we mix all of our concrete and screed onsite, therefore charging you for the amount of concrete used only. Our prices begin from €70m3, and our experts thoroughly inspect the ready mixed concrete to ensure you get the best product possible.

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    Crucial Benefits Concrete Provides:

    As one of the most sustainable and flexible materials, concrete keeps proving itself time and again.

    Because of its ability to give you just the kind of result that you want, it has made its way into lots of construction projects, such as buildings, roads, highways, garages, patios, etc.

    We keep our carbon footprint to a minimum resulting in the production of environmentally friendly concrete. The concrete made is inert, which means it does not give out gas, toxic substances, or any volatile organic compounds.

    It is also durable and 100% recyclable, crushed into pieces to mix with other materials and form aggregate. We use this aggregate as a sub-base for many builds, minimising the amount of waste sent to the landfill.

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    Concrete in Comparison to Other Construction Materials

    Concrete vs Wood

    While concrete is highly durable, requires minimum maintenance, and is non-combustible, construction workers would compromise on these attributes when using wood. Wood can retain moisture and is likely to rot as a result, tending to be high-maintenance as a result. It is also flammable and likely to catch fire should one erupt nearby.

    Concrete vs Brick

    Brick is not as durable and sturdy as concrete since it depends on the mortar quality used with it. Concrete does not rely on the material it is integrated with and turns out more versatile than brick, offering an unbelievable amount of possibilities for creative ideas in any new project. It is also less expensive than brick, not requiring ample amounts of raw materials for use.

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    We Use Sophisticated Equipment and Consistent Methods

    As a ready mix concrete company in Surrey, we find our material used in numerous domestic, commercial, and industrial projects. We manufacture your concrete in a batch plant according to your specifications and deliver it in an unhardened, plastic form to your worksite.

    What difference does our ready-mix concrete make?

    It saves you time

    Solid Mix Concrete supply your ready-mix concrete to your worksite that is ready to use. This saves you time and money as the concrete-making process is not done onsite.

    You need no store

    Since we deliver the ready-mix concrete to your worksite and do not create it onsite, you need no store or additional space to stack the raw materials, such as concrete and aggregate resources.

    We use advanced techniques and equipment

    Our process of manufacturing ready-mix concrete is automated; we employ advanced techniques and equipment and rely less on labourers – requiring only skilled workers to pour and compress the concrete.

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    24/7 Sameday Delivery

    We are able to deliver ready mix concrete and screed sameday 24/7. Why not contact us for a free quotation today.

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    We create minimal waste during the production process

    Our automated process markedly reduces the possibility of human error, and processing the concrete in a controlled environment minimises material waste.

    We surpass in quality

    As readymix concrete suppliers in Surrey, we use sophisticated equipment and adopt a consistent approach, surpassing in quality that a ready-mix concrete can deliver.

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    Get the batch size you want

    Whatever batch size you want, we will gladly get it done and deliver it to your site.

    When you decide which type of concrete to pick, it is better to consider each factor and its contribution to your project, such as your construction size and transportation needs. You can also reach out to us to discuss the task at hand, and we will gladly oblige by relaying all kinds of information that you may require. And with the top-quality ready-mix concrete Surrey has to offer, we can help you with any project, big or small.

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